Development Info

The android program, and related tools, are released under the GPL.


The android source is available in the main source archive in the files list below. The android source is located in the palmve/src/android folder. You should be able to import this into Android Studio, or use the bundled gradlew script to build it.


In recent distributions, the pool database files are prepared with some simple python scripts. See the README file in the main distribution for instructions on how to run the tools.


LinkLast UpdatedDescription
palmve-1.76.tgz Wed Nov 03 2021 Main source archive, including data files.
palmve-1.76.sig Wed Nov 03 2021 Detached GPG signature for the archive. Find my PGP key on a keyserver.
palmve-1.76.sum Wed Nov 03 2021 SHA256 Checksum.